1950's Willys M38 Jeep: Ready for Anything!

Categories: Mobility

It’s likely that the team at Willys-Overland, the Toledo, Ohio based car manufacturer, had no idea the level of impact that their government contracted general purpose vehicle would eventually have. Not only did it help win WWII, but it became a stateside sensation once the war was over.


The Jeep’s military history didn’t end with the second World War though, as the 1950s rolled around the manufacturer turned out nearly 62,000 of the updated M38 Jeep for the Korean conflict. This was one of them.

These Jeeps were by no means muscled up cars, but they were versatile. With aninline four cylinder engine that put out 60 horsepower through a three speed manual transmission to all four wheels, American servicemen could move these cars through tough terrain to transport soldiers and supplies.

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