Young Family Sells Their Home & Belongings To Enjoy The Slow Life Exploring America In An Airstream

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They chronicled their journey in photos on a website named after their shiny wheeled home, the 1337stream. That name is representative not only of the family’s freedom, but also of the means by which that freedom was made possible -— namely, Josh’s work in the tech industry that allowed him to work from any internet-connected locale. 1337stream is pronounced “leetstream,” and the name marries the Airstream tradition of adopting a caravan ‘number’ for your trailer with a common traditional in geek speak. The Works explain that “choosing ‘1337’ for our numbers pays homage to our inner meekness, our trailer’s supreme excellence, and our hacker’s approach to life.”

After nearly two years on the road, the Works clan has settled down again, back in Kansas. The 1337stream is still around. Their son, Jack, is attending kindergarten now and they’ve decided to trade in the wandering nomad life for the life of farmers, at least in part. They’re still posting beautiful photos of what it looks like to live the dream, though. Follow Josh and Jessa on Instagram for inspiration.



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