Young Family Sells Their Home & Belongings To Enjoy The Slow Life Exploring America In An Airstream

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When you realize what is truly valuable in life, what brings joy and happiness to once existence it usually turns out to be something as simple as a long walk on the beach or laughter shared with friends and family, not the money or the possessions, not the purchasing of things or the hours upon hours spent in an artificially lit cubicle. I love this story because sometimes this awakening happens when you are well into your elder years and it is so refreshing to see such a young family learning and sharing the true meaning of life, of love, of happiness.

Josh and Jessa Works are adventure seekers. In 2011, they decided to sell everything and trade in a 'normal' life to hit the road, along with their son, who was just a toddler at the time. They bought a beautiful Airstream and pared their life down to the essentials: food, water, smartphones and laptops, and each other. They set off to visit all of the U.S. National Park sites, and along the way, they captured their adventures in a colossal collection of inspiring images. Herein is just a taste of their travels.


Living on the road full-time is an idyllic dream for many, young and old, who wish to break free from the burdens of everyday life as we know it -— the alarm clocks, the morning traffic, the housework. The Works were in search of a different kind of life, one of their own making. They zigged and they zagged. They drove east and they drove west. They followed a carefully compiled list of priority stops at first, and then learned to slow down, breathing in the pace of local life instead of feeling like tourists on a busy schedule.

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