Would You Scale A Cliff For Photos Like This?

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We all want our weddings to be breathtaking. So why not have your wedding photos taken on a 350 foot cliff? That’s entirely possible if your photographer is Jay Philbrick! Working with his wife Vicky as well as several trained professionals he hasn’t married yet, he takes his clients to Echo lake State Park in New Hampshire. There, they get on the 700 feet tall Cathedral Ledge where the lucky (and terrified) couple is then lowered onto a tiny ledge at 350 feet.

Here Sarah Maillet poses from the edge

Jay Philbrick is based in New Hampshire and is a former climbing guide. “I don’t really have to twist any arms to get models or subjects into the locations I’m interested in,”Philbrick told DIY Photography. “We are sort of known for this kind of photography, so many come to us looking for something different.”

More info: philbrickphoto.com | facebook 

Warning:  Do not try this at home!

 Jay and Vicky have been operating a pretty normal life and business for many years.  Then suddenly their photos got picked up by The Weather Channel, Yahoo, Good Morning America, and many other social media outlets this month, and their photography has soared into the limelight!  It's great to see someone who has worked so hard for so long in a spirit of excellence be recognized for that hard work in a great way.  His photography also goes to show how much we crave nature, the integration of humanity and natural places and things.  Congratulations Jay and Vicky on a job well done!

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