Why I'm So Glad I Quit My Life

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by Louise Jackson

I think I am supposed to sell you an aspirational dream of my life. You are meant to look at me and my photographs of many exotic destinations and browse them like you would a catalogue, taking mental notes of all the things you quite like. Maybe I could even set up a glamorous instagram with sickening sunset shots. That is why we all read these stories isn't it, for the glossy image? The daydream? People constantly tell me how lucky I am. They are absolutely right and there is not one day that I am not incredibly grateful, but I did not win any golden ticket. It may look like I am living the dream but don't forget that real life always has #nofilter. There is a fine line between brave and reckless, and the truth is any time you take a leap of faith you walk that line in an, often not so graceful, wobbled balancing act.

Two years ago I quit my job. I'd like to say it was an epiphany to leave the rat race, but in reality my life had fallen apart a little which made it a lot easier to jump. The man I was living with ended our relationship and started dating our co-worker. Ouch. And yes, there was a...erm...crossover. The other woman was beautiful, talented and on TV. Double ouch. As much as I enjoyed going into our place of work and seeing them on a daily basis, after several months of introspection (aka wallowing) I decided this was an opportunity.

You see for years I had wanted more, never quite knowing what that more was, let alone how to get it. I had a beautiful home, wonderful family and friends, and a job as a journalist at the BBC that others envied, but still a deep craving for adventure had been building in me my entire life. Quite frankly any adventure at times would do, yet when it came down to giving up everything that I knew I had, all my safe bets, in exchange for a giant question mark, it seemed more than daunting, it seemed delusional. Regardless, a discontented voice kept whispering (and occasionally shouting) at me that there must be more to life than this. It turns out it was right.

It's a lot easier to leap when it feels like life is chasing you off the cliff. The great thing about any kind of loss is it leaves you with a lot less to lose! So I decided to quit my job, put my house up for rent and take a one way flight to the other side of the world. I had no plans. Quite frankly I was a little tired of plans. Perhaps it was my attempt to rebel against life.

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