The Need For Warmth Brings Us Together

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I feel the time is near when families draw closer.  Living in snow country means that whether children are fighting for a spot in front of the gas heater, draping a blanket over the nearest floor vent to the TV to warm up in front of Saturday morning cartoons, or spending a piece of the morning stocking and lighting the wood stove to chase away the morning chill, the gathering spot will almost always be the warmest place in the house!  

The first winter snow is almost always followed by a realization that jeans and tennis shoes are not the proper attire for sledding, but I don't think that ever stopped anyone under 40 from playing until the cold wet chill wins.  My fondest memories carry the scent of sopping wet gloves in front of the wood stove turned inside out while the rest of our wet things consume the heated floor space where I long to be standing.  

Back then, we called that the family room.  In it we watched movies, played Atari, and found our closeness as a family there.  The crackling of the next log in the stove was a reminder of hoping we had split enough wood in the months before to prepare.  

I'm hoping some of these relics of the past help to revive the scents  and spaces you remember from the years of frozen pasts:

1.  Early 1900's Great Majestic Cookstove - located in Altamont NY for $4500

2.  Vintage Cast Iron Stove located in Prescott Arizona for $680

It's listed as:  "Good used condition" Some minor age wear, one scratch on side. All levers, intake vents & exhaust vents are operational. Attachment pipe at back not bent or damaged & ready for hookup. No other parts or attachments are included. Local free pickup only.” located in Prescott Arizona

3.  Vintage Wheeling Gas Heater Fireplace Insert:  Locted in Louisville, KY for $249

These are just a few I found on Ebay.  What do you have?  What kinds of great deals have you seen that you wouldn't mind passing on to our readers?  Please share on Facebook in the comments.  

~Dave Webster

Fire from Andy Stewart on Vimeo.

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