This Couple Sold EVERYTHING They Owned, And Are Now Travelling The World With Their Cat

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Matt and Jessica Johnson, 32, decided to give up their 'American Dream' and purchased a boat in 2008. Matt quit his job as a sales manager and Jessica left her insurance firm career and the pair set sail - now with a cat.  The adventurous couple have visited 16 countries including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba and Peru.

 They went to college, got married, bought a house, a car and had the perfect jobs, but something was missing. This couple sold all their possessions and left their hometown to explore the world with their sweet little cat in a dream boat they bought in 2011. And now their life is truly perfect! 

The Start Of Their Journey 

Matt and Jessica Johnson quit their jobs, sold their stuff and bought a boat in 2008 even though none of them had any sailing experience. The couple sold their car, house and personal items to fund their trip. 

Their Dream Boat 

But you are looking at a very smart couple. They practiced for three years and once they were confident to sail on their own, they left their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2011 and have been traveling since. 

Exploring The World 

Matt and Jessica, both 32, have so far explored 16 countries since they started traveling in 2011. 

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