Bonnie And The Bus on Sustainable Living

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Bonnie and the bus' most recent home on the road at Patches Organic Farm in Bangalow! Here we grow organic ginger, garlic and turmeric, as well as offer a great community space for wwoofers and travellers alike! Just another paradise that doesn't cost you money to visit or travel between when you live by exchange!

Exploring communities where money is unnecessary, currency is contribution and commitment and the exchange of services takes the place of monetary exchange.  Highlighting the ways that a consumable society can become a sustainable conserver society.

The west has an advanced pace of consumerism.  If the rest of the world took on the lifestyle of the west, it is believed that we would deplete the worlds resources 5 times over at current pace.  This is why we must promote doing things a different way, and to lead by a different example to the Planet. 


Though she has a passion for sustainable communities, Bonnie lives and travels in her bus all around Australia painting beautiful portraits of people as her professional trade...

Here is her home... and transportation:

Bonnie McArthur:  Artist : Click her link to go see her portrait work.

Bonnie's Youtube Channel

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