What's It Like To Take The Whole Family Off-Grid?

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Going off-grid can mean hard work!  The beautiful end result is what you have after all the hard work is complete!   Darin Smith took his family into Belize, and began something new, adventurous, and exciting.  Watch the video and let him tell you all about it:

Beginning life somewhere else often means you are heading away to build or to do construction.  In this case, that's just what Darin and his family did!  

But what began as a small project has turned into the growth of a whole community!

There's nothing like some good batteries and solar power to keep things feeling modern, even in the middle of the jungle tropics!

And a bit of corian to make mama happy with her kitchen!

We only need a few simple things to make us happy, and to provide comfort.  When those are met, life is good.  Be sure to watch the great video above as Darin discusses family life and the decision to move off-grid to Belize! For more information on land plats availabe, or being part of the community in Belize,  Click Here.


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