Surviving The Yukon - This Man Converted His Old Van Into A Strawbale Hobbit House

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Photo By Dandy DenialCud Eastbound's '77 Dodge Camper has seen a good deal of North America, but it's about to spend a winter doing something completely new. Luckily, the vintage van, who is fondly referred to as "Night Danger" by its owner, doesn't have to worry about navigating icy roads or starting its engine in the frigid morning air.

No, all "Night Danger" has to do is keep Cud and his pup warm throughout an entire Yukon winter. While that's no easy task, it's safe to say that "Night Danger" has some help. After two months of traveling through Canada, it will take an extended rest stop in Dawson City, Yukon, and team up with a wood stove and some serious straw insulation to keep its inhabitants from freezing.

First He Had To Select A Nice Level Clear Place To Park

Where Cud Eastbound will set up shop for the Yukon winter.

And The Vision And Planning For Survival Begin

The plan for "Night Danger" '77 Dodge Camper turned winter shelter.

Realizing he didn't want the straw to tip over, Cud used pallets for a steady base

The floor. Looking pretty bare at the moment.

Yeah, no.... that won't keep the van warm

Pup does not look impressed with the progress thus far.


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