So Remote In Montana They Carted It By River Raft And By Mule To Build

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Steve Shea has inherited a piece of property that when Glacier National Park was formed, the national park surrounded his family's land.  It was the last and only private piece of property within the park, and therefore, would not be allowed access by motor vehicle so as to disturb the natural condition of the forest.  They would rough their way out to the land occasionally, realizing they either camped in tents, or just came for a visit, then left throughout the years.  

Building a cabin was very prohibitive under such restraints, and the government wouldn't allow a permanent structure anyhow, so that was out of the question.  

awning dome 2.jpg

Steve ran into Don Kubley and one of these cool Intershelter domes became a real option.  He inquired with the national park system, and since the domes are temporary, and dismantle easily, it would be allowed on his land so here's  how that began:  


The pieces were brought in by raft down the river to the closest spot to the land


One by one




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