Stash and His Amazing Chicken Yurts

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1425747 378042562331579 38212893 nRicky, or "Stash" as he is known by his fellow swordsmen has quite the unique hobby.  As a fully fledged Mountain Man from Washington, he has embarked o a hobby that brings together freshly milled lumber from the sawmill down the road and his love for Off the grid living coming through in these "Chicken Yurts."  They have optional glass windows, and each is custom made by the combination of his keen eye, the craving for how the wood "wants" to go, and the desires of the customer. 

Stash is in construction for his day job, but he doesn't much talk about that.  He lives for his passions which include first his daughter, then the wilderness, but he is also quite the knight, wielding a sword of a different kind. 

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Stash takes part in Midieval reinactments on a regular basis. The serious fun he has with other fighters and a friend who owns the castle has lead to the construction of this  "Chicken Castle Yurt."  Stash in his creative abilities can take any idea and run with it!  He builds them in panels so that they can be shipped anywhere in the country, ( or worldwide if you like).  Both the play and the work never stop, and his daughter is right along for all the fun with him!

If seriously interested i ordering a Chicken Yurt or custom project from western Washington State, you may email:

The smaller yurt is $550.00 plus shipping and handling (seen here below).  $650.00 for the larger size seen here with the live roof.  Glass windows additional. 

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