When Solar Stops Working

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The title isn't what you think.  Spencer wasn't your average solar sales guy.  He has been doing it a long time.  He's got enough experience to know that Solar has come a long ways and it's so much easier to sell these days.  There was a time when convincing a homeowner to trade in a $100 electric bill for a $200 solar payment had more to do with the environment than it did dollars and cents.  Most customers were wealthier then, and wanted to pave the way to a better future for our children.  Spencer knows that when you can paint a picture for the homeowner in such a way that every time they turn on the light switch, they think about a coal miner digging for that energy, or a fracking rig being set up to keep the air conditioning going, he has done his job. 

By 2019, the solar industry is in its prime.  The cost of energy over the life of a solar system is tenfold the cost of installing solar when you account for inflationary increases of Electricity over time.  Spencer's knowledge of financing options, rebates, and incentives have put him in a place and time in the market where he can finally begin to reap the benefits of his knowledge. 

Just then... in a moment of unexpected transition... Spencer was in a horrific car accident, and lost his leg. Living in Oregon, no State was spared the Covid pandemic.  Plagued with recent fires, there always seems to be a legitimate excuse why his prosthetic leg isn't yet ready.  Time out of work and waiting on that leg has cost him... nearly a year already.  As the sole provider for his family, time and a lack of productivity have lead to hard times. Today, he has taken his first step.  

Personally, I'll be putting his great skills to work to help him get back on his feet (pun intended) with solar sales over the internet to my state of Florida.  That said, he's in dire short-term need to pick up the slack and has started a fundraiser to help him get along.  I don't usually post fundraisers, but the nature of his career is dear to heart and right along with the purpose of our page.  

Might I suggest that if you're looking for a little assistance in your solar decisions or setup, his knowledge might really help you along in a tough spot.  Just ask.  His kindness, I've found, knows no bounds.  

~Dave Webster

Co-founder:  Living off the Grid on Facebook


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