Snowstorm 2016 Is Comin' To Knock You Off The Grid. Are You Ready?

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Photo by Jena Wagner

Photo by Jena Wagner

Photo by Travis Stratford

The big 2016 Winter storm is on it's way.  I grew up at 6,000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California.  My senior year in high school, we had so many snow days, we graduated on June 30th, and were the last high school in the nation to graduate!  

When it snowed all night, we packed our snowboards on the Suzuki Samurai and Toyota 4 Runner, passed by the empty high school, and headed on to the slopes!  It was $5.00 per day for afternoon ski pass for residents.  When folks from the flats (the valley, from below, from San Berdoo, From LA, anywhere off-mountain) came up in such weather, they were usually skidded roadside into a berm.... not moving.  As high-schoolers, I think we usually laughed to be honest... and said flatlanders as we passed by. 

The fact is, you can be prepared for the snow.  If it was icy, we put chains on all four wheels.  If it was a long icy winter, we put studded snow tires on.  You always had rock salt, gravel, chains, and a shovel in your car.  You had cones, flares, lights, batteries.  You never wanted to get stuck, because your friends would drive by you and honk and laugh...

If you were really serious, you had an extra battery, a winch on the front of the car, off road lights, and maybe even a snow plow on the front like my dad did on his CJ5.  Winter isn't something to mess around with in the mountains.  One wrong turn or slip, and you're going over a 2000 foot bank and die....

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