Snowboarder Built An Off-Grid Cob House In The Middle Of Sasquatch Country

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She’s living the dream. Marie-France Roy built her dream house out of a precise mixture of sand, clay, and straw—also known as Cob. Her house is situated in a tiny town on the Western slopes of Vancouver Island. For all intents and purposes, we’re talking about Sasquatch country. As if that isn’t “storybook” enough, Marie-France Roy happens to be an elite, professional snowboarder, and is often called away to ski in some remote part of the world (all expenses paid). In her off days, just downslope—and a few dozen stairs—from that cob dream cabin, you’ll find her surfing the magnificent waves of the cold Northern Pacific.

Marie-France Roy is a pro snowboarder, that is living the dream… as if being paid to travel the world and snowboard isn’t enough. Marie-France Roy has sculpted her own house out of mud on Vancouver Island’s remote West Coast.

She has a little cob cabin just outside the fishing village of Ucluelet on the western edge of Vancouver Island. It’s a fantasy forest. Sasquatch country. A wild place. She’s got chickens, a greenhouse and enough firewood for the winter.

There are two houses on the land, the one she’s living in now, and the cob house she’s almost finished building. For the uninitiated, a cob house is like a normal house only it’s built with mud. Well, more specifically sand, clay and straw.

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