Off The Grid In The Middle Of The City, The Haydon Family In Sydney Shows Us How

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Now days more and more families are choosing to incorporate alternative forms of producing electricity for their homes. Some in an attempt to save some money in the long term and others motivated by the sustainability of it, the making a change and the independence that comes with an off-grid living. This is the case of the Haydon family.

Mike Haydon with baby Lennix loves living off the grid. 

GOING off the grid to reduce their impact on the environment and relying on wind and solar power has reduced a western Sydney family’s energy bill to as little as $1 a day without the loss of modern luxuries. 

Mike Haydon has created a model of sustainable living for his family in Seven Hills that includes growing their own fruit and vegetables.

The 35-year-old sustainability consultant, his wife Sarah-Jane and son Lennix have lived almost solely on solar and wind power for the past six months.

Mike Haydon with baby Lennix in the garden where most of their food is grown and their chickens forage.

The Haydons also grow their own food and source water from a 10,000-litre tank.

Despite the change, the Haydons have not sacrificed any modern luxuries such as air conditioning or appliances.

Solar panels and wind turbines power the house using nickel iron batteries with 12,000 watt hours of storage.

It has been a labour of love for Mr Haydon over the past two years since he converted his block into a self-reliant property.

“The whole project started by simply making the house more energy efficient by changing our appliances and energy consumption habits,” Mr Haydon said.

“On that alone we were able to get our bill below $1 a day. I was inspired to bring our knowledge

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