Self-sufficient couple builds their own floating off-grid island

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Ever wish you could just get away from it all? Meet Catherine King and Wayne Adams, who did just that. Literally. They've been living on a homemade, self-sufficient, floating island for the past 24 years.

From no-waste, no-impact, buy-nothing, no-money to living tiny, there are a multitude of saner and more courageous alternatives to the unthinking, zombie wastefulness of mainstream living. For Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King, living self-sufficiently meant building their own floating island nearTofino, British Columbia, consisting of twelve interconnected platforms that support their home, greenhouse, lighthouse and a dance studio.

Wayne, a sculptor, and Catherine, a retired ballerina and carver, began building this extraordinary home back in 1992. They have dubbed it "Freedom Cove," and call it a "floating food garden." The two artists support themselves by selling their artworks in local shops and beyond, and supplement their income with veggies and fruit harvested throughout the year from their own garden, in addition to fishing.

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