Starting the First Garden on our Off Grid Homestead (Videos)

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Have spring fever? Green thumb throbbing to start your vegetable garden? Join us as we plant the first seeds in our off grid garden. Rookies and experts alike will find our no nonsense advice on how to not suck at starting a garden humorous and refreshing.

We share the 5 simple steps to getting veggies to stuff in your favorite soups, canner or in right in your face. Up to you!

With some seeds laying around and some fresh compost / top soil we're ready to get planting. Raised beds fit our needs well and were easy to make using some materials from our local landscape supply and around the property. We even found some random hay on the side of the road which is helping us reduce evaporation!

Alyssa shares her simple planting steps and a couple ideas on keeping your garden low maintenance.

Learn more about our off grid homesteading adventure...

Gardening isn’t a topic we’ve really discussed yet, but we thought that we would introduce it on our blog today because spring is in the air, and we think we’d like to start a garden this year after all! In this post, we’d like to share how we’re getting started with the progress by improving our clay soil.

Although we’re not very knowledgeable about gardening (despite already having a year of experience with a community garden) we believe that one of the first steps to having a successful garden is amending your soil to ensure that plans will be able to grow in it. As you will will in our last roundup video, we’ve been pretty busy with our gardening plans the last month!

We love our five acre property… it’s just about perfect for our needs! However, we were blessed with rocky / clay / loam soil as seen below. The forest doesn’t look like this, but the flat spot sure does which is where we’d like to start our garden!

In the past few weeks, we’ve accomplished what we think are five important steps in the soil amending process and we want to share what those are with you!

Here are all of the steps in two different videos, and/or keep reading to receive the steps in blog-format!

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