The Day We Moved to Our Off-Grid Property: Emotions We Won’t Soon Forget

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There are moments in life when you have to commit 100% and there is no going back. It’s like that moment when your heart is racing as you’re standing on the edge of the cliff and you worked hard to get up there, but you’re hesitant to jump because once you start, you can’t stop until you hit the water. The day we left our home to begin the journey to our off-grid land was not dissimilar to the feelings of jumping off of a cliff.

As you will see in our 2015 highlights, the year was no walk in the park for us. In fact, it was one of the most stressful years of our lives. Long story short, after we got the call the land was officially ours, we were on the road with all of our belongings just five days later. Here is our story of moving to our land.

For the a glimpse of the emotions we felt that day, watch the video below. Then continue to read the post to see why this day was borderline traumatic and behind the camera, things weren’t so peaceful.

Note: In addition to the video below, we’ve also included a bonus video at the end of the post!

if you plan on embarking on a similar journey, don’t expect it to be rainbows and unicorns the entire time. Moving to bare land to homestead is not stress-free. It can be very stressful and very scary. Nothing feels certain, and nothing IS certain! There is risk, and things may not go your way. Our goal in sharing is to motivate others to take the leap even if it seems like you’re going to die along the way. When times are rough, remember why you are embarking on your journey in the first place and push harder until you see blue sky, and you will see blue sky!

All things considered, everything worked out well for us. We dodged a lot of bullets. For all of these reasons, we will not soon forget the emotions that came with leaving our life behind and venturing to start an off grid homestead. Even though it was/is stressful, it is our land, we own our trailer outright(our home), and we finally feel an odd sense of stability in our lives. We’re finally home.

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