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Off The Road attempts to explore (ironically enough) this world of travelers who are going out of their way to get lost in the wilderness, live off the land, and venture into the middle of nowhere. It features repurposed vehicles that serve as mobile homes, documents the travels of families and couples taking an alternative vacation, and overland vehicles that can ford a flowing river while keeping you warm under the stars. In short, it’s a collection of journeys, featuring the means by which these journeys are undertaken, documented by the people who took them, and purposed to motivate others to take their own. Off The Road is available now for $35.

Human exploration in today’s world is a strange phenomenon. No longer do we explore or travel in order to survive. Today it’s much more recreational in nature, filled with weekend warriors or cross-country travelers in RV’s taking in the sights and attempting to live a minimalist lifestyle. We’re making an effort to do this now, unlike the humans who walked the earth centuries ago who were forced into this lifestyle for survival.

More and more people are hitting the road to the middle of nowhere. Along less-traveled paths they are heading up mountains and
down dunes in converted mobile homes, campers, trucks, or vans. They are enjoying the drive and the view through mud-plattered
windshields as much as the stops and evening campfires amid stunning terrain.

Although many of us love living in cities, we have a growing longing to escape into nature. The outdoor scene is booming and many people are heading off to discover it with their own converted vehicles. This way, they can determine their own routes, itineraries, and pace, as well as how many challenges they'd like to meet along the way. After a day on the go, these multifunctional vehicles also serve as kitchens, campgrounds, and sleeping quarters that offer a great deal more improvised fun than a standard, perfectly equipped RV. Conventional luxuries are eschewed for the sake of greater freedom, tranquility, and adventure.

Off the Road captures the special mood of such trips by solo travelers, couples, or families who are seeking an alternative to a more standard vacation or want to live their lives differently --at least for a while. On the one hand, the book shows how familiar
models, such as VW buses, Land Rovers, jeeps, and Toyotas are being rediscovered and repurposed for these exploits. On the other, it presents automotive dreams turned into customized, homey vehicles that offer tailgate breakfasts or roof beds to better admire the stars and that can, in an emergency, cross a river or drag a fallen tree from the road.

Whether exploring the desert, showing children the world, or navigating polar landscapes, the journeys collected in Off the Road are as unique as the people who take them. From radical escapists to fans of nature looking for their next trip, the book celebrates the joy of being on the go on four wheels.

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