Off The Grid So Deep In The Wilderness, They Shop By Float-Plane Every 6 Months

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This couple has been off grid since 1980. They now reside in the Canadian wilderness on a remote lake. Access is only by float plane and they generally don't see another human for 6 months at a time. They've taken the off grid lifestyle to an extreme. They even wrote a book which will be published shortly. You can find the E-book on Amazon.  Hope you like their Story. 

A big Hello from Northern Canada! The off- grid self sufficient lifestyle is second nature to me and I have a strong desire to help others with this way of life. I've been off-grid since about 1980 (36 years). As a young man, the allure of being self-reliant was enough to alter the course of my life from the typical 9 to 5 worker in the suburbs to that of a homesteader in the forests of Maine. This was an introduction to a more sustainable way of living where I was my own boss and I took on the responsibility of raising my own food and garnering my income from my woodlot. It was a few years later when I found someone who shared that vision and my wife and I became a team.

As I look back, it's amazing to me how much impact that decision to homestead has had on my life. It opened up so many opportunities with one door opening many more. The result being I have gone from a city born kid working in the electronics field to living in the wilderness.  Between those two goal posts I have led an adventurous life. I was fortunate to be able to take almost 6 months of my life and hike the 2180 mile long Appalachian Trail in the winter and years later, spend part of a summer bicycling across the United States, coast to coast.

My wife and I now live far in the Canadian wilderness. Float plane is the only way you will reach us. As a result, we generally shop twice a year. It is only during those brief trips to civilization when we see other human beings. Living this remote certainly adds a layer of challenges.

The wilderness has been a  continual source of adventure. I've been touched by a bear and have survived to tell the tale. (mighty lucky I'm still here) Additionally, I have been completely surrounded by wildfire. Through all these experiences we have built a solid knowledge base which has given us the confidence we can survive regardless of what life tosses our way.

I've written a book about my experiences titled "Off Grid and Free- My Path to the Wilderness" by Ron Melchiore published by Moon Willow Press which I hope will not only be entertaining but also inspiring and informative. With the 36 years worth of knowledge and skills I've acquired, a reader is sure to glean valuable information from reading my book. I plan to write a more detailed  blog post every 4-6 weeks to give the reader a sense of what life is like for us so far removed from society. In my next post, I'll delve into how we prepare for our garden, how we grow much of our vegetables including corn at our northern latitude and, how we raise early salads with snow still on the ground. I encourage anyone with questions to visit

We'll use technology to our advantage to spread our story and help others to attain their goals as best we can. Thank you to our host David for allowing us to make our post possible and we'll chat sometime in March. 

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