Off Grid Living: A Family's Journey

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We are 100% off-grid living using solar power. We started this venture in 2010 when we moved from PA to ID moving to raw untouched land we purchased site unseen and setup our canvas wall tent to which we called home for 8 1/2 months while we built our own home. 

We both grew up on farms as children and were brought up in a traditional environment. It was something we initially wanted to get away from as young adults, but it had seeped into our bones and now we feel that we are living in the wrong era.

We love the simplicity of traditional living therefore we try to do as much for ourselves as we can. We raise meat rabbits, chickens mainly for eggs, milk goats and honey bees. We also hunt all our meat for the year during the hunting seasons. We are finally able to get our garden and greenhouse in this year which will be a true blessing and savings from buying high priced organic produce, not that it is not worth it to have good produces, but one less expense for our family and one more way we are becoming more self reliant. We can everything we can get our hands on and purchase everything else we need in bulk quantities.

Living off-grid provided us with a freedom from the norm. An ability to be self contained and able to provide for ourselves. Can everyone do it? Yes! Some may have an expensive fuel bill because they won’t alter their current every day routine prior to going solar, where others will use the generator a little to charge their batteries when necessary and have little expense and then there will be people like ourselves who adjust to our solar and are frugal with our power and do most of our power consuming things on sunny days to eliminate expenses of any kind.

Right now we just have solar, but we are looking into adding a wind generation system. Another consideration for an off-grid lifestyle is to look for property that has a year round stream or creek. A hydro power system is another great way to supplement extra power during the gray days and gray months of winter.

There are definitely things to consider when going off-grid such as what appliances will work well with the system you choose, being cautious with high power consuming appliances, knowing the amount of power your family currently consumes daily and what system is right for you.

by Heather / via TheHomesteadingHippy

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