Nutty Narrows: A Bridge built to help the smallest critters of Longview, WA

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San Francisco has its cable cars. Seattle has its Space Needle. And, Longview has its squirrel bridge. The bridge, across Olympia Way near Civic Center circle has attracted international attention and is now a local landmark.

The Nutty Narrows Bridge was built in 1963 by a local builder, the late Amos Peters, to give squirrels a way to cross the busy thoroughfare without getting flattened by passing cars.

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As population continues to increase in size, we inevitably find ourselves encroaching more and more on the delicate habitats that support our animal neighbors. Unfortunately, most of the time not much is done to accommodate our fellow creatures, which can often lead to tragic results.

The town of Longview, Washington, discovered this back in 1963, when the squirrel population was having trouble crossing a few newly built roads. So they came up with a brilliantly simple idea of how they could help their little bushy-tailed buddies without disrupting the daily commute.

After witnessing a few-too-many squirrels lose their lives trying to cross the busy Olympia Way, Amos J. Peters, an owner of a construction contracting firm, devised the Nutty Narrows Bridge. 


This little bridge was all it took to help curb the problem and let squirrels coexist with the growing number of human neighbors.

After construction, the bridge had a grand dedication ceremony and started to receive a lot of positive attention throughout the country.

Thus bridge is so popular that, in 2014, it was registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Longview has installed three more Nutty Narrows crossings to bring the grand total to four. They even decorate them for the holidays. Now, THAT is living with nature.

It’s so heartwarming to see people go to such lengths for even the smallest of creatures. Fear not, squirrels of Longview, your human friends have your backs.

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