MS Inspires Couple To Live Life Fully And Travel All-R'over-Africa

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We love when our readers share their own life stories. This is the case of our friend ‎Alice von Mutius who wrote to us wanting to share her and her husband's life adventure. This is what she wrote to us.

I advise you make yourself a cuppa before sitting down to read this post...its a long one!!

But hopefully it explains just what we are up to, why, and how! Please feel free to visit us regularly to keep up to date with our adventure...and of course, if you are able to....why not give our 'just giving' page a visit while you're at it!!!

A few years ago Danny, my husband presented me with the 'mad' idea of DRIVING to the UK from Africa! My first thought was 'you're crazy - we cant do that!' second thought was, 'of course you're crazy, that's why I married you, and definitely why you married me!' third thought?..... 'when do we leave?'!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. The idea is that I try not to let the thought of what the future may hold, affect me too much now....but the truth is that's not as easy as it sounds! It is so easy to be affected in a negative way with these things, very easy...this is after all life changing stuff, But what if I was able to let this affect me in a positive way? By doing things I never really dreamed I could, or would...? We think life is there for the taking and its important that we all, disease or not, grab it with both hands! So this 'Crazy' trip has grown from that seed planted by Danny, to this big adventure that we are about to embark upon in 2016!

The plan is to drive from Tanzania in East Africa, Danny's 'home', to the South coast of the UK, my 'home'! Heading down to the southern tip of Africa, and driving back up the West coast of the continent, we hope to cover around 22 countries on our epic trip! Bearing in mind of course that this is Africa, and things do not regularly go according to plan....

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