Meet The Six Forgotten Giants

Categories: Life Stories, Nature

The Six Forgotten Giants were built by artist Thomas Dambo to get locals out and enjoy nature in areas of Copenhagen not often visited by locals, let alone visitors. Go on a treasure hunt way off the beaten track and find them.

#1 Teddy Friendly

Teddy Friendly is sitting by a stream in Høje Taastrup stretching out his hand for you to get near the water.  

#2 Little Tilde

Some of Dambo's giants are visible from a distance, while others, like this one in Vallensbæk is pretty well hidden. Find the exact locations on the link below.


3 Sleeping Louis

From the big open mouth of this resting giant in Glostrup you can crawl inside and take a little nap too. If you dare.

#4 Oscar Under the Bridge

Hanging on. Find Oscar Under the Bridge close to the beautiful Arken Museum of Modern Art by the coast down in Ishøj.

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