Off Grid Wisdom: One Man's Documentary About Living The Dream

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Stepping back from the rat race comes in different degrees. From simply working a few hours less or living in a tiny house to building your own upclyced waste home.

From  urban stealth camping, joining an eco village or going completely off-grid in the wilderness.

The latter, the most extreme forms of turning away from our current materialistic society, are showcased in this off-grid living documentary.

I just stumbled upon this 35 minute long mini-documentary about this guy living off the grid. He’s a creative guy and is into some very cool off grid systems including a methane gas digester that is powered by his septic tank! He hopes to run a propane fridge off it someday. That would be a really positive use of a nasty smell. Sometimes it’s really refreshing to hear peoples views on life, they vary so much. This guy seems like a pretty smart cookie, philosophy / engineering major? Is that even possible. I’d like to know more about this guy. What do you think? 

Imagine telling your neighbors that your poop keeps your beer cold.

He’s got solar photo voltaic panels, underground cold storage, root cellars, solar water heating,edible plants fed by grey water and more. Enjoy.

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