This Happy Couple Lives Their Dream Day By Day In A VW: Idle Theory Bus

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In November 2014, we traded our house for 1976 VW bus, we quit our jobs, gave away our stuff and set out on a quest. Society had failed to offer us a good quality of life so we left to create our own. We gave up the luxury and modern civilization, and doing so - we gained the world. We pay no rent, no none address, or no debt. Everything we own fits in a bus, a few material possessions are in these wooden drawers and handle cabinets. We live out here now, where coyotes still haul in the dark of nigh. We bathed in cold water creeks that ignite our senses, electricity running through our blood. Under the patterns of natural work, we learn things. Things that civilisation could not teach us. When money is scarce we work, when we have pocketed enough cash we move on. we don’t have that much money but you know the less we have the more joyful we become, we’ve learned that experiences not possessions are what make life worth living. This life isn’t perfect, there are dark days too, days when we fear we won’t get by. Every life has it challenges but these highs and lows are for us, the ones that make us alive. Life is so short, why not be happy. Each day that breaks on the horizon offers a new opportunity to discover beauty. Its out there all you have to do is go out and live."Every night, we sleep in places of true darkness and silence.
The modern world is forgetting these ancient sensations, the magic and mystery of quiet and night skies. "

This is our home. It's old and slow and kinda leaky, and it cost us five thousand bucks.
For many of us, owning a conventional house isn't an option. We say no to debt. We avoid the traps that come with indefinite monthly payments. We realize that we don't want to borrow what we can't afford to buy.
You don't need much to be a homeowner, just a change of mindset. It's about lowering our expectations. Buy small, buy old, and say enough's enough. Square footage doesn't make you happy. Freedom from debt does.

January 31, 2016

The road flashed underneath us like a flip book.
I drank a second cup of thick coffee.
Through the windows, the morning wore all the colors of the chihuahuan desert. Pastel blues. Electric pinks.

"Hey! Hey! Lookie there!" James pointed to the east. A group of Javelinas, wild, boar-like creatures, trotted along the edge of the road, eyeing us and butting each other playfully.
"Michael Mawr--look look!" But MM was out cold in the backseat. Dreaming of things like the dream world out our window. We kept on, forward, forward, quiet.
The road was empty besides our lone orange bus and two Ravens circling overhead. "raap! raap!" They called, a desert welcome from those who know it best.

You want to find someone who'll tell you, in simple and life-like poetry, what they dreamt last night and how that dream is realer than reality.  


You become the company you keep, so keep yourself good company. When you do, every conversation is a glimpse into parts of yourself you never knew existed....

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