This Free Energy Pathway Lighting Solution Makes Cycling Safer And Magical At Night!

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Riding a bike at night can be a challenge. For one thing, it's hard to see even with a headlight, as it might not illuminate enough of your surroundings. Also, it's even harder for cars to see you. Plus, sometimes it can feel a little spooky. 

But that's about to change for you night-bikers. Dutch design company Studio Roosegaarde has unveiled a glowing, kilometer-long bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands, that uses solar power to illuminate itself in a path of swirling green when night falls. Biking is big in the Netherlands, and the path offers cyclists safe passage in the dark. The path is lit by a special solar coating that absorbs energy from the sun during the day, as well as by LED lights that are powered by a nearby solar array. Its swirling design was inspired by painter Vincent Van Gogh, who lived for a time in Nuenen, and the path is also named after him.

The path lights up in a pattern of swirls all along its I KM length.
As the daylight fades, the paint, which has been absorbing solar energy all day, begins to glow.