Leave It Better Than You Found It - By Kristie Wolfe

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I have an amazing job with the Idaho Potato Commission where I actually get paid to travel the US and do cool stuff. My co worker Ellis and I try to get out and discover as much local stuff as possible. This week in we are in one of my favorite states Tennessee and it did not disappoint. Today we went to Blue Hole Falls in Elizabethton.
ahhh it's everywhere

An absolutely stunning waterfall and plunge pool. The bummer is a closer look and there was beer cans and water bottles scattered on the small banks and wedged between rocks in the stream. I know there is a not a easy way to change litter bug behavior (perhaps we could start by not such a giving throwing your trash on the ground such a cutesy name).



It was so unsettling that I told my Ellis that we needed to hike back to the car and go buy some garbage bags. Luckily we stumbled upon a house nearby and ask for a garbage bag. We filled it completely and then some. One thing we could do more of is people like us who love spending time in the outdoors would be to bring a bag, even a grocery bag every time we go on a hike and fill it with debris left by others. Now we just need a clever hashtag for it....suggestions?

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