How Would School Be If Class Was Outside On 100 Acre Farm? Well That's How It Works Here:

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Imagine a school environment in which subjects like chemistry, biology, math, and home ec are learned outside in the fresh air. Sound too good to be true? Well, the Hershey Montessori Farm School in Geauga County offers exactly that. Every day, 50 middle school students, some of whom come from as far as Australia for this type of education, attend school on this farm, which consists of close to 100 acres of wooded land. There, the students work with both their hands and their heads, learning where their food comes from and how to cultivate it from seed to harvest. 

They grow vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, leeks, broccoli, and a variety of greens, and also learn how to tend chickens, goats, horses, and other animals. Students also take turns doing chores and preparing meals. Rather than relegating young people to a scant few classrooms, the entire farm is a learning environment where they can get hands-on experience and exercise.

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