How We Are Living For $200 Per Month All Summer Long (and loving it!)

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We Sold All Of Our Belongings

We had two big garage sales, and used the money to add to our savings. This was such a freeing part of the process. I no longer own anything I don’t absolutely love and use frequently. I am not a slave to things anymore!

We Found A Way To Earn A Living On The Road
There are hundreds of ways to do this. I wrote about a few of them HERE.

We Purchased a Thousand Trails Membership
This allows us to stay at over 80 campgrounds nationwide for free, with a limit of 3 weeks at a time. We also have access to over 200 other campgrounds at a rate of $20 per night. We thought this was too good to be true at first, but after speaking to dozens of other full-time families, we were sold. We are so happy with this decision!  You can head over HERE to check out membership options. Yes, it is a little bit of an investment (between 2-5K depending on your membership level), but we easily got our money’s worth in the first year! And since it is a lifetime membership, we expect it will bring us joy for years to come (NOTE: I am not affiliated with Thousand Trails, and am not being compensated to endorse it – I just love it that much!)

We Stay In One Place For Extended Periods of Time
This allows us to really explore the area, and also gives us time to work enough to add to our savings. It cuts down significantly on gas and living expenses, but still gives us the joy of seeing the country – albeit at a slower pace!

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7 very happy hobos

A couple years ago, we had a dream.  To sell all we owned, pay cash for a 5th wheel and travel the country while homeschooling the children.  After reading about another large family who was doing this, we were both excited about the prospect of following in their footsteps.


At this time in our lives, we were vaguely unhappy, and struggling to find joy amidst the mundane.  Raising five children, working, and holding our breath until the next vacation. We knew this was not what life was suppose to feel like. We desperately wanted to make some big changes.

After a lot of conversation and soul-searching, we decided to go for it.


So we saved and paid off debt for nearly two years.  That part was not fun.  But finally we accomplished our goal, and started the hunt for the perfect new home-on-wheels.  We were lucky enough to find a rig that fit our budget and would also fit our family. A 2005 Excel – 38 foot with 5 slides. It needed a lot of work, but lucky for me, Matt has been in the construction and remodeling business for over 20 years. This was right up his alley.


He turned two of the slides into bunks…

5th wheel bedroom

…turned the master closet into another bunk.

7happyhobos rv tour

Then with a coat (or two) of paint…

hobo tour

And a few extra special touches…

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