How We Are Living For $200 Per Month All Summer Long (and loving it!)

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When folks find out we are full-time travelers, they usually assume we’re loaded, which is hilarious, but understandable. It is not common knowledge that there is a way to live and travel on less than you’re probably spending right now! So for those of you who are new our story, I wanted to go over what we are doing, and how we afford this lifestyle.

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We started this journey in May 2014 with a goal of traveling for one year. But we love it so much, we have decided to continue! We have spent time in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas on less than we were spending living in a “sticks and bricks” house. We are currently staying in south Texas for the summer at a Thousand Trails park. Since we are members, we are able to stay for 3 out of every 4 weeks for FREE! That means we are only paying to camp for one week every month – which is $200. This includes all utilities, water, garbage, cable and internet. Paying so little all summer long means we can do some serious saving for future traveling, and for our tiny house dream!

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I don’t know what you know about campers, but I want to assure you I am not “roughing it” in any way! I have all the amenities of home: stove, sink, shower, bathroom, even my slow cooker, juicer and bread machine come along for the ride! The only difference is that my house has wheels, and can go with us wherever we want to go! You can head over HERE for a tour of you’d like to see for yourself.

If you want the scoop on how we rearranged our life in order to live this way, here are the basics.

We Paid Cash for Our Camper
When this dream was first born in our hearts, we started on the path to realizing it by saving every penny possible. We also needed a bit of a miracle. You see, we needed to find a camper for $8-$9,000 that was high-quality, and would house our family of seven. If you’ve ever been to an RV show, you know a new one is completely out of the question! But since my husband is in construction, I knew we could renovate if we found one with good bones. It took us nearly two years to research, save and find EXACTLY what we were looking for, but we did it by checking RVTrader and Craigslist every single night until we came across our Excel. We have been living in it full time for 11 months with no problems at all! Best of all, no payment book!

We Established a Healthy Emergency Fund
When the trailer was purchased and all the renovations were done, we decided to live in it locally for 4 months so we could do some power-saving! It is surprisingly affordable to live at an RV park if you sign up for monthly rates. My husband kept working during this time, and we were able to sock away enough to cover us on the road in the event of an emergency.  Plus it gave us all time to get accustomed to this new way of living before we had the added challenge of driving across the country....

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