Honest Crafstman Shares His Story After A Mistake On His Quote To A Client

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Raymond Kinman shared on Facebook a short story about his beautiful wood work. He's a craftsman and an artist.

He wrote:

"Sigh.... no wonder I'm not a rich man!

I carved this simple headboard for a woman in Northern California. I asked her for the down payment, but I made a mistake and typed $12500 (an extra zero - it was supposed to be $1250). She agreed and asked where to send the $6250 deposit. I about had a heart attack when I saw the mistake!

Yes.... I corrected it. My internal "Guilty Catholic" kicked in and I had to tell the truth! Sigh..."

Family and friends congratulated him saying things like:

"You will have good Karma now."
"Better to be honest then rich!!!!"
"Hope she kicked in a little extra for your honesty"
"It's beautiful, hope she gives you a bonus. If nothing else, you know she will spread good PR"
"It's said Honesty comes back 10 fold..." 

by Raymond Kinman via Facebook

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