Every Day Is A Gift! Tell Someone You Love Them!

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Saturday July 26, I wrecked my car coming down a dirt road. I started to fishtail and over corrected causing my car to spin out of control and go off the road hitting a tree. I was partially ejected from the drivers side window and pinned between a tree and my car. I was fully conscious through the whole thing but i couldn't move, so i started to scream for help.

Within minutes a man came running and tried to free me. He couldn't move the tree so i told him that he needed to find a saw and cut the tree for me to be freed. By that time another man and woman arrived on the scene to help. They found a saw from a nearby neighbor and sawed the tree limb in half allowing me to slip out. Soon after the ambulance arrived and I was airlifted to the trauma center in Sayre PA. By the grace of my creator, I suffered no broken bones, and no internal injuries.. just some scrapes and bruises, and a very sore back and hips from where the tree was pressing down on me. 

I share this story with you all in hopes that you will remember that every day that we wake up is a gift, no matter what we are going through. I am grateful to be alive and well, and this experience has given me a new found sense of gratitude for my life, and for walking around everyday pain free and healthy. Count your blessings and take a minute to tell the people you care about that you love them, cause we never know what tomorrow will bring.

~Fiammetta Rocasano

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