Could You Handle Going Off The Grid? This Family Did It, And Loves It

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Instead of commuting, the day is spent prioritizing a balance between providing food, cleaning up, clearing brush, and growing the homestead.  But with all that saved time, there is time in the day if you commit yourself to do all these things. 

What happens in the Summer and Fall isn't necessary a reflection of what winter will be like.  What I mean is, when you build the outhouse, and start using it, it's not so bad.  It becomes routine.  It's winter that brings thoughts of what better plan next year might bring.... brrr

Milo was asked if he missed his life in the city.  His response was: "Well I used to watch a lot of tv, but now I don't get to watch a lot.  We don't have electricity."   The nice thing about this kind of life is that the beginning is harder than the rest.  You are able to grow and prepare year by year, and with a little time and expertise, if you have wind on your property, and you're broke, then you find an old washing machine motor and learn how to convert it into a wind generator.  You use pvc pipe as turbines.  If you make a little money, then you just buy one on Amazon and get a few solar panels and solar powered lights.  

It's home.... it was built by the labor of their own hands together as a family, and that is special.  It creates a bond like no other.  The family that works and plays together... creates bonds like no other that are woven into the fabric of every piece of the homestead.


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