Laughter Provokes The Most Viral Post In History, With This Happy Ending

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In the video, she puts on the mask, opens her mouth SnapChat style (or, you know, human-opening-her-mouth style), and Chewbacca noises come out as she begins her minute-and-a-half laughter fest.

This is much more than being about a Chewbacca mask at Kohls, but about the human spirit, about what we really need.  It doesn't take much to bring joy and laughter into the world... not money, not wealth, not political correctness.... just a silly moment that catches us off guard, and then spills over from one person to the next.  

In two days, the video has gone viral more than 2 times the greatest viral video of all time!  

Candace didn't have any kind of marketing deal going for the video, but the Chewbacca's instantly sold out at Kohls, and everywhere!  The toy was $44.99, on clearance for $17.99 when it went viral, and now they can be found on Amazon for a whopping $198.00!  Suddenly, I think this just became the most collectible star wars toy in history, and the price won't stop soaring for a long time.  I expect this video could reach half of facebook's subscribers before it's over!  Their new embed code allows videos to share better to web sites where you used to have to log-in to see them.  

Now watch what Kohls did for Candace:Thank you Facebook for this great tool to share in Candace's laughter.

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