A Ten Year Off Grid Dream

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This time it she had found us land!

She had phoned during work and not during her break so she could only tell me she had found land and would explain when she got home. I think she was leaving me in limbo on purpose.

It seemed like one of the longest waits I had to endure in a long time. Finally she returned home, glowing.

She had indeed found us some land. Not just any land, she had found us land that was in our price range and in our area. We later find out that it is the most perfect land, land so perfect that we hadn’t allowed ourselves to even dream that it may exist.

It transpired that she had been talking to a couple of her work colleagues and one just happened to own 40 acre and was selling some.

She invited us onto the land and a month later we were being shown around a place that I can only describe as nirvana!

She showed us a field and it was really nice, there was a river at one end which was a great addition and we were just blown away. She happens to be another woman who likes to drop bombshells. She thought we would like the field she had shown us but she had another piece of land she had in mind for us. We drove for two minutes to another field and we saw it. She had driven us to a field with a woodland (both things we had been after) She told us that if we wanted the woodland that was probably 1.5 acres she would let us have that for the same price as one acre. This meant that we would be able to afford 2.5 Acre in total.

This amount of land we hadn’t even considered because it would have been way out of our price range. This lady not only showed us our dream land and changed our life she has also showed such kindness we will be able to afford more land than we could have ever thought.

We are now waiting for all the paperwork to be sorted out and then we will be able to start our slow move to living a more sustainable life off grid.

I have spent my whole life learning how to live off the grid; I have learned many skills along the way. I have mastered electronics and chemistry. The thought of being able to bring all that I know to a project as big as living off the land is almost too much for me to imagine.

A few months ago I started to prepare a few things that we would need for our new life and I realised that I could show others how to do the things I have spent a lifetime learning.  I started a YouTube channel 5 months ago and to date already have 36 Videos of different things pertaining to living off the land. If any of your subscribers would like to follow our journey from a town house to an off grid setting then I invite them to join our YouTube Channel. We will be documenting every part of our move and how to videos along the way. We are about to start the biggest adventure of a lifetime and all are welcome to join us. 

Our channel is “The Off Grid Family” and a link to it is here: 


Thank you for reading our journey so far and we hope you can follow us in the future


The Off Grid Family Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheOffGridFamily

The Off Grid Family Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/@OffGrid_Family

The Off Grid Family YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/TheOffGridFamily

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