Beautiful Lake Cushman and the Runaway Drone (story & video)

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On the 21st of June, 2016, we took a family trip to Lake Cushman WA... the beginning of our Northwest homecoming.  It's about an hour plus from Gig Harbor, where my parents live, and we're staying.  I have been away from my stomping grounds here in Washington for about 10 years.  My girls, now 9 and 10 have no recollection of this place, while Davy was about 6 last time we were here.  Time has come and gone, and my grandparents have since passed while I was away.  For me the images of everything here have stood still in my memory.  The things I notice... the stop sign I nearly ran because it wasn't there 10 years ago.  The new narrows bridge, the buildings that have gone in.... and the trees are much taller than I remember.  Most of them seemed to gain about 1/3 in height since my last visit.  But for today, the venture to lake Cushman was a joy.  It was my first time to this lake, and my kids, born and raised in Oklahoma, now transplanted to Florida.... are getting a touch of the backwoods I grew up around.

For current Floridians, the water is devastatingly cold, nevertheless, the kids went swimmin'.  Here pictured... cousin Mckinneh, Angelina, Sienna, Amy, Davy, and Mason.  

The panorama feature of my cell phone makes for some decent wide shots of the area.  

The park was once run as a State Park, but a few years ago was handed over to Skomish indian tribe to manage.  Since then, the word is it is much better kept.  The fee to get in was $10 per car load for the day, and well worth it for the condition of the place.  The trash is taken out, bathrooms well managed, vollyball net up and ready, and boats and boards out and ready to rent.  Considering the light traffic, I was very impressed.  

Lake Cushman WA boat rental shop from David Webster on Vimeo.

The trails and hikes are well maintained with handrails along the water's edge cliffs and whatnot.

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