2021 Will Be Known As America's Second Awakening

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In a world where trust is key, Joe Biden's world, known as the first stolen American Election is one that has no way of regaining trust.  All those who associate with this place-holder have also become tainted with the lies.  Flaws continue to spew from the white house as either intentional failures or ignorant mistakes, and propaganda media sites intent on controlling the masses carry forward the charade until their forthcoming end.

The world would love to believe that there is some crazy news being sheltered from the populous, like there's a giant Alien at the bottom of the ocean who is waking up and will soon devour the planet.  This would give some sort of credibility back to those in power as to "Why???" all of this has happened.  The fact is, the truth will set the world free.  

The charade will end with Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton behind the gates of Guantanimo.  The ties to China and Russia, the teleprompter with 3 different men in costume appearing as Joe Biden, all an elaborate Hollywood stunt, a hoax.  When BLM began detroying cities and burning forests, Pelosi promised Liberal States sums of money to rebuild through the Trillions in spending bills.  While Trump was in office, there was a standoff, but as soon as he was gone, the American taxpayer has become a financial slave to those who govern. However, the people have awoken.  

The awakening has found Americans, of all people connected through Nikki Manaj, who's 20 million followers now have BLM uniting with Republicans to terminate the Nazi vaccination Regime at all costs.  So while the International cabal would have the world reeling next over Global Warming, the American population is readying to end the war before it begins with treason charges from the top down.  

If history is any gauge of the present situation, those who have supported anti-constitutional mandates will likely be found guilty of crimes against humanity.  Whether mass executions or export to Austrailia for leaders in the coup - the real Government - the Americans are choosing their destiny.

The wave is rising, and it seems there is no stopping it.  Once before at Pearl Harbor, and again today, the world is witnessing the great Awakening of the Sleeping Giant.  The spirit that conquered the natives and traversed the wilds to settle California is the the same one that invented the automobile, the airplane, and tamed the distances of the planet.  The Freedom that the world knows as America is alive and well, and there's no stopping its return!


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