After Hurricane Matthew, the mountains of debris

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In Crescent Beach Florida, I met Dan.  Fortunately he still has his home, but the water coming through the house ruined everything.  On his street, mountains of debris.... not scattered by a storm, but wet furniture and personal belongings being set outside for removal is what you see.  Some storms take it all away.  In this case, residents make the hard decisions around water damage and deciding what can be saved.  The power is back on after a few days without, and Dan was busy handling county water and sewer lines after the storm, so he had to wait to come home to deal with his own circumstances.  One of the post-hurricane heroes who put the greater good above his own circumstances. 

Aaron looking in amazement at what people are going through here.  

They empty the homes, then begin to dry them out.  

One neighborhood further south still sits in the water.  The septic systems they all have make everything smell like sewage.  

The beach homes look beautiful from here.  The access road is gone to many of the water-front homes. 

This apartment complex was hard to see.... how many displaced people and all of their things... all outside and wet.  

One of the beautiful bridges in St Augustine:

This was the wet area where it smelled of sewage.  Many people still in their homes... I feel horrible they have to stay there.  I locked my hubs on my truck.  The wet sand looked like a trap.  Didn't quite need four wheel drive though.  

I ran a facebook live in the morning with this gentleman who had his boat tied up to this dock, but moved it before the storm.  The dock is quie damaged.  His boat is fine.  He's been living in the boat with solar power and off grid since 1971... watch and enjoy:

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