A Ten Year Off Grid Dream Part 2 The Struggle Continues

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A Ten Year Off Grid Dream Part 2

The struggle Continues

5 months ago I wrote my first article on here...Wow only five months, so much has happened in such a short time. It has been read over 21,000 times and it was just a story of the last 10 years of my life. About my wife and the birth of our two lovely children, George and Lilly.

It was about our struggle to save for our dream, a small piece of land we could make a life on. After more ups and downs than I care to remember we found it. Our little oasis.

A lady my wife knew owned a large portion of land and was willing to sell us some and it was perfect. We had gone and viewed different parcels of land and although we loved them all there was always something wrong. The land we had just been offered was perfect. As we left after seeing it for the first time I broke down in tears. I had dreamt of owning land all my life but never imagined it being that perfect. Everything about it felt right.

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I finished that article talking about waiting for all the paperwork to go through. I believed that the next article I would be writing about the land would be all about what our plans are and what we are doing first. I hadn't counted on their being another problem. An issue so big that it may again jeopardize our greatest adventure. It could again stop us being able to fulfill our dreams.

We have again hit a brick wall and this time its too much to overcome on our own. In my last article I spoke about how I had tried a GoFundMe page to help raise funds and I wasn't able to raise anything. We were heart broken, one of the reasons we were after a bit more land than we needed was because we had so many charity based ideas. We would grow as much fruit and vegetables as we could for homeless shelters and various organisations like that. When we were setup we were going to start inviting schools to the land to allow young children to see where their food came from, possibly give a school a small bit of land to work as a project for the children.  

Due to all these ideas we truly thought that we could count on people to help us. Whether I didn't explain it properly or that I didn't get the idea out there enough it failed. Although sometimes I felt like it we didn't give up and we raised all the funds we needed. 

We sold as much of our possessions as we could and at times this was really hard as you invest a lot of emotion into various bits and bobs. We saved every penny possible. We stopped going on holidays which the kids were absolutely fine with because they understood why they were making that sacrifice. We cut down on presents for Christmas and Birthdays, again the children didn't complain because they knew it was for our dream. 

As I mentioned in the previous article we finally made it. All of our sacrifice paid off and we were ready to buy our patch of this beautiful planet. The paperwork was being sorted when we got a devastating blow.

We had just returned from town after buying my daughter some proper birthday presents, our saving was done and we could spend a little more on her and it felt great. We still didn't go mad but we could make it a little more expensive than previous years. I put the bags down on the table and that's when I noticed that the "message" light on the phone was flashing.

 "Hi there this is (Name of seller) I have some bad news. I've run into serious money troubles which mean I wont be able to cut the land up and sell you the small bit. I will need to sell the whole field. I am so sorry I have no other choice. My husband is out of work (This was due to finding out he had pretty bad cancer) and we have no other means of income. Again I am so sorry. I can offer it to you guys for less than the asking price but I cant cut it up anymore. Sorry Guys" 

I turned to my wife and a single tear fell from her cheek, she had comprehended what this meant before my brain had even realised that there was a problem.

The rest of my day was spent phoning every bank, looking for loans online and chatting with relatives to see if they could help or at least think of any clever ideas. All these as before lead to dead ends...

So where does this leave us? I am tying to setup another GoFundMe page. I think I know where I went wrong last time. I didn't ask the off grid community. I hadn't realised how closely knit we as a community are. I asked my local community but they didn't understand what we were trying to do. To them we were trying to buy a muddy field. They couldn't see that a muddy field can be so so much more in the right hands.

So I am here to ask you to help us. The last article "A ten year dream" was read 21761 times as of today. If everyone who read that donated £1 to our campaign then we would have already blown the roof off. Our dream would be a reality and my children would have something solid and secure to inherit when I am gone. 

If you could just think about helping us out that would be great. Last time we had a grand total of £0 this time we got a donation within 1 hour of the campaign going live and it was from an off gridder.

Anyone who can find it in their hearts to donate will not only help make a family's dream come true but will get a shout out on a video on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/theoffgridfamily 

The link to our campaign is here: https://www.gofundme.com/a-dream-of-land

Please help in any way you can. No amount is too small. 

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, I will keep you updated with our progress



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