79 Year Old Man Lives Prehistorically In A Cave

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High in the mountains of Argentina, 79 year old Pedro Luca lives in a cave.

With no running water or electricity, he survives by living prehistorically.  When he's hungry, he goes hunting or heads on a three hour trek to the nearest mountain. The creek nearby is his source of water.

Two goats and eleven rooster keep him company in his cave; roaming the mountains during the day and returning to the cave for shelter from pumas a night.  His rooster wake him up every morning at 3am and that's when his day begins.

His only source of income is a government pension of $100-$200, that he travels into town to collect at the post office.  With it, he buys candles, yeast, and corn.  A radio is his only source of technology and with it he doesn't get much of a signal in the mountains.

Even though he is 79, has weathered skin and a few teeth, he seems so much younger.  What almost 80 year old climbs a mountainside for 3 hours to get to his "home" (cave)?

He said he has always wanted to live an isolated wild life.  As a young man he made a living transporting coal but came back to his first love of living on his own. And 40 years later he is still here.

"There's another cave nearby, but I like this one better".

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