5 Year Old Savant who displays signs of being telepathic is being studied by scientists

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A five-year-old boy with autism residing in Los Angeles, CA is astonishing researchers and scientists for his ability to learn up to seven languages, solve complex math problems and recite numbers/playing cards that are shown in secret. 

Ramses Sanguino has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism and was first discovered after his mother, Nyx Sanguino, began uploading videos to YouTube displaying his unique abilities. Some of those videos show Ramses correctly predicting the value/suit of playing cards and other remarkable talents that defy scientific explanation.

His mother insists that the apparent telepathic gifts are not part of any trickery or deceit, and indeed, researchers are taking a closer look to try and further understand the phenomenon. Dr. Diane Powell, who is currently studying Ramses, has described him as “one of the smartest five-year-olds on the planet.”

In addition to accurately predicting cards and numbers that are randomly generated, Ramses can understand multiple languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese, as well as solve algebraic problems.

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