Reasons Why An AWS Career Makes Perfect Sense

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When it comes to career paths which deliver a healthy combination of job outlook, and high wages, one of the best in the IT sector revolves around cloud computing.

Based on statistics from IDC’s Worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending Guide, the money spent on cloud-based technology is expected to jump from $229 billion to around $500 billion in just four years between 2019 and 2023.

If you have a passion for cloud computing and want to explore a career in this field, it makes sense to specialize in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The following article will explore the various reasons why this is the case.

It’s not difficult to earn the necessary AWS certification

If you’re on the outside looking in, you might believe that it is going to be an uphill struggle to become an AWS professional. However, it’s not as challenging as you may initially think in gaining the necessary qualifications which appeal to employers.

As a starting point, it is always wise to utilize resources that are readily available on the internet. You will find everything from books to AWS communities that can get you off on the right track. When it comes to learning, however, you must select the right learning resources. As you would expect, a lot is covered when it comes to AWS and the general subject of cloud computing.

Due to this, it’s highly recommended to go with a specialist learning provider. A Cloud Guru is an expert when it comes to AWS online training, for example, and they can

Once you have completed this training, you’ll be in prime position to earn your AWS certification. This certification is a great asset to have on your CV, and it’ll provide you with a nice shiny sign that says, ‘I’m an AWS professional and ready to solve your cloud-related needs’.

It’s the fastest-growing public cloud service

Even though there are other prevalent public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (CGP), it’s fair to say that AWS still stands alone as the most popular option around right now.

This has been helped due to the fact AWS was the first of its kind to hit the market. When it was released in 2006, it had a massive seven-year head start over all other public cloud services. AWS hasn’t squandered the lead it built up, and it continues to display significant growth as more and more businesses switch to cloud-based computing.

There’s a massive demand for AWS professionals

The demand is so high there are currently more job postings searching for AWS professionals – and cloud computing specialists in general – than there are actual job seekers.

This means two main things. Firstly, you’re not going to struggle to find a role as an AWS professional. Secondly, and due to the demand for such a specialist area of business, you will be handsomely compensated for the work. In 2018, Forbes reports the average annual wage for a cloud computing professional was $146,350.

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