Wait Until You See How Much Fun It Is The Way These Guys Set Up Life Off The Grid

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Life Off the Grid from DJ Chill Will on Vimeo.

First Place Winner of UCF's Unifying Theme Film Contest

The film “Life Off the Grid” relates to UCF’s Unifying Theme through its emphasis on interdisciplinary work, the Environment, and Climate Change.  This film shows us ways that we can get started working towards a sustainable future. The Off the Grid house is sustainable through energy and transportation, and working towards food and water. The ideas from this project can teach something to everyone and can show how easy it is to invest in a renewable future. Germany’s energy grid is already 50% powered by renewable energy. They were powered 100% by solar power for part of this past summer (and Germany gets 2 less peak hours of sun than all of the southern USA). The U.S lead the world in science, technology, and new ideas up until 1945. Since then, we allowed the burdens of taxation and bureaucracy to overtake creative drive, and other parts of the world are running with the gauntlet of change.  Iceland is 100% renewable, Norway is very close. Costa Rica is just about 100%.  It is time for a shift in focus.  New solar technologies are in the oven, and we should see fantastic price reductions in the near future.  It won't be long before telephone poles are seen on antiques road show!  ;)

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