If I Saw My Neighbor Building This Thing, I Would Be So Confused. Til I Learned What It Is… WHOA.

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A designer named Chris Robinson decided to build one of the most off-the-wall ideas… but also one of the coolest. He is constructing a boat that could be tsunami-proof (named Tsunamiball). He was inspired after seeing what happened during the tragic 2011 Japanese tsunami.... 


So, he took on the challenge to create a solution, came up with a plan and began building. According to the designer, he doesn’t think that a tsunami will hit California. He is only building the tsunami-proof capsule in his backyard in Palo Alto because that is where he is. It’s still a work in progress and there will be many changes to the plan before it is done, but you should look forward to the future, because the Tsunamiball is going to be one of the coolest rides out there


.Tsunamiball is a boat that is currently under construction in California that should be able to survive any tsunami.


 modern day ark will be able to float away from its perch in his garden in case of emergency, keeping his family safe.


After the Japanese tsunami of 2011, Chris began to wonder how to keep his own loved ones safe in case of an emergency. Then, he started sketching.

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