Make a Sling From An Old Boot or Glove... Throw Rocks Far and Fast!

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My grandpa taught me to make and use one from one of my Dad’s old boots and laces when I was five years old.  Needless to say, Dad never had old used boots again.  They must be leather.  If you don’t have leather boots, leather gloves will do, or leather suede of a decent thickness.  Garden gloves are probably the cheapest option I can think of.
Round boot laces are strong, as are leather boot laces for this project, and are more true to form.  If you find they break with heavy use, watch for my next videos where I’ll take you through some options to make an even better design once you have some experience using this one!
The ones used in this video were given away to friends last Christmas, and they make any receiver excited to go play!

I want to label my first disclaimer here…. this is not for use near people, cars, houses, or anything damageable.  Go out in the woods and use with caution.  If you give to a child, be prepared to teach safety first!  Directional control takes time and practice.  I am not responsible for damage caused by this idea!  Proceeding beyond this point reflects your acceptance of these terms...

Part of the thrill of this gift is that some may choose to make one and give it away.  Others,  may choose to gift a wrapped leather boot, or a leather glove and laces as a wrapped gift, and take the person who received this gift to the computer here to set and watch this video and make one as a Father Son / Mother Daughter experience. 

Okay okay... for those of you who can't watch videos on your phones or computers, 
What I'm making in the video is a sling, David and Goliath style.  I found a boot on the roadside while passing it on December 18, 2013, and thought that would make a good example of how to make one for free, but it turned out to be made of vinyl and not leather, therefore, not sufficient.  Most other substances are too weak, and will break rather quickly.  Substances that are too thick are not pliable enough to wrap themselves around the rock and prevent premature exit of the stone.  

A leather boot tongue is perfect.  Most cheap basic leather garden type gloves will work.  They are usually almost cheaper than buying leather from the leather shop.  I found these Thinsulate suede leather gloves on sale, so I used them, and they were perfect.  
You should be able to make 4 slings out of one pair of gloves or out of one pair of boots.  

Cut out a nice oval and notch holes towards the ends.  This can be done by folding the sling in half vertically,then folding again, and cutting a corner (you should watch the video for that part).  


 You can use boot laces, leather laces, or parachute cord which is cumbersome to work with, but stronger in the end.  Use about 3 feet of length.  Tie knots as pictured

Here's how to tie the other end.  A basic knot for one strand, and a hoop on the other to go over your ring finger.  

Here's using boot laces below
Thowing takes practice.  Place hoop over ring finger, open palm right hand.  Hang that strand over your pinky and down.  Pick up other strand and hang it between your index and middle finger, and hold onto it by squeezing the fingers together.  You may semi close your hand while throwing.  Insert stone into pouch.  Pick up and swing once around your head, releasing in front of you.  Practice a lot!  Not with people or valuables anywhere near you.  Typically the best place is at the lake where you can see how far you're throwing by the splash.  You can also skip rocks many many times across the water.  Caution, you may hit yourself while practicing.  It takes getting used to. 
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