This Man Quit His Job, Restored A Boat, & Sailed Around The World

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Filmmaker Kevin A. Fraser captures the incredible life of David Welsford—a young man from Nova Scotia who gave up his possessions and the conventional ways of life to sail around the world in pursuit of happiness, adventure and simple beauty. In the documentary, Welsford explains how he found his boat—a modest 50-year-old vessel spanning 28 feet—in a scrap heap, which he then restored to working and livable condition. After two years, Welsford set out for the first time in Puerto Rican waters and describes the emotional experience of setting out for the first time into the vast blue unknown.


And what does he do for money? For Welsford it’s simple. “I think I understand money in my way of understanding money, which is: once you figure out how to make enough, then go do the things that make you happy. There’s always a way to make money. There’s always a way to live. I have enough to go and have a beer, and enough to go to the grocery store, and enough to put some diesel in the tank of the boat—and I think I’m one of the richest people in the world. I feel great.”

"I eat mostly from canned food, and don't really need a refrigerator.  That way when I get a cold bottle of water, I really appreciate it." 


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