Fox Banned The Original - Lumber Superbowl Commercial Crashes Company Web Site

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Fox banned the airing of the original commercial, so the one that ran sent users back to Lumber 84's web page to see the whole story.  The response was overwhelming, and it crashed their web site for a bit.  

Our country has been divided since long before the election over certain staple issues.  One of those issues is immigration and the idea of a wall.  Thought we have more in common than differences, mainstream media has polarized our differences rather than help to find common ground.  Watch the statement this video makes.  I don't want to be a spoiler if you haven't seen it, so watch, then feel free to express your feelings on the topic in the comments.  

Does this idea look plausible?  Would it solve border issues?  Why or why not?  

Do you think videos like this could be made to help us better understand government questions and decisions both local and nationally?  

How does off-grid technology help to balance the advantages of living in one country or another? Does it help to erase border inequality? 

If you could have a self-sufficient off-grid home drop shipped to some piece of land anywhere in the world whether there was infrastructure or not, where would it be and why?  Or do you have a preference?  


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