The Original Cure-All Is Still Available. Have You Had Your Dose Today?

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Before the invention of the first RX drug was a time where most illnesses prompted a humans to walk into the woods while seeking healing.  The natural settings surrounding one's living space was made to be the original RX prescription for ailments.  Getting away from things made by mankind, and closer to that which God created is said to bring healing, clarity, envigoration, liveliness, and a new sense of purpose.  

Maybe that's all we need is a few more doses of Nature in our lives to make them better:

Nature-rx has done a fantastic job in coming up with this campaign to help us to realize that what is best isn't always what is advertised.  What is advertised is usually what is best for the one doing the advertising, not necessarily for you.  Thanks guys for a great campaign to help us get our bearings straight.  Share and watch these videos to help them keep a good thing going viral!  

Here's Nature-rx version 2:


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